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Joe Amouzou, Musician and Entrepreneur
Joe Amouzou is a gifted and talented musician who writes and performs all original African inspired music. Joe is a producer, composer, performer and entrepreneur all rolled into one. He has brought products from West Africa and Asia to Canada! He is available to perform for your private or company gatherings or other celebrations.

Some years ago in Lome, Togo, (West Africa) on a quiet and enchanted evening, a great man and I stood alone on a balcony. He said, "Son, I will share with you something tonight that I often think of. If ever I was condemned to die for any reason, and I was asked what my last request would be, I would simply ask to have beautiful and soothing music played to me for three minutes... after which they could shoot. Believe me," he continued, "by the time the order was given to fire, they'd only hit my empty shell (his body), for my soul would be far away."

I was profoundly touched and could only say, "Papa, you love music that much?" He nodded his head to confirm, "Music is my soul and my soul is music!" He then smiled, caressed my hair and said, "Good night, son".

Now, I take this step further by saying this to all past, present and future great musicians all over the globe: Thank you for your gifts to the world, for sharing your divine talent so unselfishly with others, for offering us your best - your music and your love.
- Joe Amouzou


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